Tracing Stitches and Spinning Reflection

The thesis of my inductive essay is as a result of Walden being directly influenced by Stitches causes them to have similarities in choices made by the authors in pages.

During the process of tracing Stitches and Spinning. During the stage of looking for pages i found compelling in the books, I had to carefully examine and look for pages that I thought were compelling to me. At first, I thought about using the pages where the climaxes of the comics occur. In Stitches that was when David’s therapist told him that his mother didn’t love him and in Spinning I think it was when Tillie decided to end her skating career by telling her mother. During the tracing, some thoughts that occured in my head were mostly related under fascination that there is actually so much meaning in every page that there are a lot of choices the authors had to go through to create every page.

This new way to structure an essay took some getting used to but I still approached it in a way where I first write notes on another document and then put in a order in which I want to present it.

I feel like after this assignment it has definitely helped me understand the series of choices the authors made that I wouldn’t have noticed without the knowledge I gained in this class. I do think that the added degree of being able to identify the less obvious stylistic elements in the two books has helped me understand them better. The single biggest insight I’ve gained during this assignment was to be able to look at comics in the frame of a “page” instead individual panels. I found out that there is, more often than not, meaning behind everything.



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